5 Different Ways To Capture Screenshot In Windows 10

5 Different Ways To Capture Screenshot In Windows 10. Capturing screenshots is an essential feature for many purposes, such as capturing important information, creating tutorials, and sharing interesting content. Windows 10 offers multiple ways to capture screenshots, each for different needs and preferences. In this blog, we will explore 5 different ways to capture screenshots in Windows 10 and help you choose the best one.

Uses of screenshots

Screenshots can be used to show the program specific problems that the user may behave or in general, if you need to show your display output to others, or email screenshots and then archive them, web page authors see what your page looks like.

You may be surprised. You can perform similar corrective actions in different web browsers, especially in various email software programs, such as mobile phone, tablets etc a sender might have no idea how their email looks to others until they see a screenshot from another computer and then can adjust their settings Properly.

5 Different Ways To Capture Screenshot In Windows 10

  1. Print Screen
  2. Window Key + Print Screen
  3. Alt + Print Screen
  4. Window Key + Alt + Print Screen
  5. Window Key + Shift + S

# 1. Print Screen

Print Screen

You can press the print screen to automatically capture the screen Save You can now face it with any image editing software on the clipboard.


First press Print Screen now open Paint.


And use Ctrl + P to paste then you can save it on your PC as image files

# 2. Window Key + Print Screen

window + print screen

The second one window + print screen this shortcut captures the entire screen and saves it to your hard disk automatically.


Now press the Window + Print screen shortcut to capture the entire screen then go Pictures.


Then go to folder location Screenshot.


There you can find all your screenshots.

# 3. Alt + Print Screen

Alt + Print Screen

You can use the Alt + Print Screen shortcut. This shortcut allows you to use only the active window as a screenshot.


Open the calculator and press Alt + Print Screen to capture the active window

Crt + V

And save it to the clipboard now open Paint now and press Crt + V here to past the image. You can see that this only shows the calculator window, not the entire screen.

# 4. Window Key + Alt + Print Screen

window + Alt + print screen

The fourth one is window + Alt + print screen shortcut captures the screen as game capture and saves it to the video capture drive.

This PC > video > capture

Press Windows + Alt + print screen This is not just a screen capture but a game capture. The location of the save is different here and it will be saved in This PC > video > capture.

# 5. Window Key + Shift + S

Windows + shift + S

Windows + shift + S is a new one in Windows 10.

four points

When you press window + shift + S it will look like these four points.

rectangular snap

The first window is a rectangular snap. You can use this rectangular cut to capture any area of ​​any rectangle.

freeform snip

The second is a freeform snip. You can use the freeform snip to capture any area of ​​any shape then you need to paste it into any image editing software like paint.

window snips

The third is window snips. You can capture any active window here just click on any active window then you need to paste it into any image editing software like paint.

fullscreen snip

The fourth is fullscreen snip window is captured on full screen. This captures only the full Screen then you need to paste it into any image editing software like paint.

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