6 Ways to Update Your Drivers in Windows 10, And 1 Way You Should Avoid

How to update your drivers on pc windows 10. Drivers play an important role in ensuring optimal performance and compatibility of hardware devices on your Windows 10 computer. Regular driver updates are essential to keep your system running smoothly and to take advantage of the latest features and bug fixes. In this blog, 6 Ways to Update Your Drivers in Windows 10. Plus, we will cover 1 way you should definitely avoid.

But first what is a driver?

But first what is a driver

when you plug something into your computers like a printer or new keyboard. A computer needs to know how to communicate with it. Provides software. The instructions in the box and how to communicate with the device to buy a new printer will tell you to download some software to get the printer working. This software actually contains a driver with many devices such as graphics built into the computer.

Card Audio Wi-Fi and Websites All of these require a driver to allow Windows to use them. Like any other software on your computer, Driver issues may contain bugs or security holes in software glitches that need to be patched. Sometimes up as people who create drivers release updates from time to time.

There are several ways to update your driver I will start by showing you how to t your computer will automatically update the driver I’ll show you how to update to and manually select the driver you need later, but the warning word is one way to update a driver that you should never use, which is a kind.

I don’t know if it will be a commercial software virus or malware that costs money and calls itself a data driver that tells you to keep all drivers up to date, so get close to these driver updates before you start. Please do not. It doesn’t happen often because the driver can fail, but it can be installed. If you use a driver that crashes your computer, you should be able to get it back up and move the driver,

But before you start, make sure your computer has a backup of your important data, just in case something goes wrong. I would like to confirm.

6 Ways to Update Your Drivers in Windows 10S

First-way Windows Update

The first way to update drivers, that is, Windows Update computers using Windows 10, should be updated regularly in the same way that Windows Update is provided.


Then make sure you have Windows Update on the left. Go to start and then settings.

update and security

And then go down to update and security.

Windows Updates

Here you can see the available Windows Updates. In some cases, you will see driver updates here. The updates displayed here will be downloaded and installed automatically,

but you can speed them up. If you see a download button here, click it to download and install the update immediately. This screen is a good way to check for driver updates.

Second way- The Device manager

The Device Manager is a Windows location where you can view a list of all devices on your computer, see which drivers are installed, and update those drivers.

start icon

Take a look at the device manager right click the start icon then click device manager.

 display adapters

You’ll see all the devices on your computer grouped into different categories like display adapters and network adapters you can click on the little arrow to expand the category to see the devices.

You’ll see the manufacturer and model for each device. You can double-click on a device to see its properties.


If you click on the driver tab at the top you can see the date when this driver was released and its version number.

You can click on update driver to see if there’s a newer version available online if there is a newer version this will download and install it for you automatically.

You can also revert to an earlier version of the driver. This is called driver rollback. Click Rollback Driver. If you start to have problems after the driver has been updated.

Third way- The manufacturer’s update software

The manufacturer will have installed on your computer for you depending on the make of your computer it might have come where the utility installed that lets you know when any driver updates are available and install them for you for example if you have a Dell computer then it might have come with the Dell update application I have an HP computer and it came with the HP support assistant.

round blue icon

Which is the round blue icon with a question mark. If you click on this it opens up the HP support assistant.


you can see it knows exactly which computer you have and you can click on updates to see if any updates are available this will let you download any driver updates and it will install them for you.

You should find that a utility like this is more reliable than the device manager because the updates are coming directly from the manufacturer so you’ll get them as soon as they’re available.

If you have additional hardware installed, such as a graphics card or printer, you may have your own update utility installed.

For example, if you are using an Epson printer, look for the Epson utility on your computer. All computer manufacturers offer update utilities like the ones I mentioned earlier, but most manufacturers need to have a website where they can download their own drivers, so the next section will show you how. ..

Fourth way- The computer manufacturer’s website

You need to search the computer manufacturer’s website online. If you are using an HP computer, go to the HP website, Click here to go to the Hp website.

software & drivers

You need to go to the support section and look for software & drivers now we need to identify the model of my computer.


Next, you need to identify the model of your computer so that you can get the right driver.

Let HP detect your product

You can select your laptop and enter your serial number or model number here or you can also select this option to Let HP detect your product.

download the driver

When you discover a product, it finds your model and displays a list of all the drivers available on your computer. When you select any driver, the version number and release date are displayed and you can download the driver.

Fifth way- The device manufacturer’s website

Let’s say you’re looking for a driver for Intel HD graphics built into your HP laptop. Looking at the HP website, I know that the driver I created is tailored to a particular laptop. I have more chances with them, but let’s say I tried it, and I’m having trouble with that driver. The best place to look next would be the Intel website.

Click here to go to the intel website for download drivers.


Searching for the device name will give you various options for the driver you need, from which you can download the driver.


This website has a notification that it is better to get the driver directly from the computer manufacturer.

Feel free to experiment and experiment with different versions of the driver to see what works best for you.

Sixth way- The Microsoft update catalog

There is another place where you can download the driver. Microsoft has a website that contains all the drivers that go into Catalog Update Microsoft. I think it’s a good idea to try the computer manufacturer’s driver first, but this is a great website when you get stuck.

Click here to go to Catalog Update Microsoft.


All you need to do is search for the driver you are looking for.

date and version number

You will see lots of results, but when you look at them you will find that many of these are repetitive entries The more major difference is that you need to be aware of the date and version number. The driver was released by clicking on it to download.

dot cab format

Then download the driver, and then download the driver from the Microsoft Update Catalog, the dot in dot cab format. It is provided in the easiest way to handle.

The cab file

The cab file opens it, selects all the files, copies them out of here,

creates a new folder

And creates a new folder in a location like your desktop. Move to the folder and paste. You have to wait for all the files to be pasted. Then remember where this folder is.

Device Manager

Next, you need to open Device Manager, so right-click the Start menu, click Device Manager.

Update Driver

And right-click the device where you want to install the driver. Select your device and click Update Driver.

 Browse Computer

Click Browse Computer, find the folder you created, and click Next to allow Device Manager to perform the rest of the work.

Here are six ways to update the driver on your computer. There is no right way. Each driver update has its own benefits. Windows Update will check your drivers on a regular basis. Device Manager notifies you of what is installed, updates the driver and manufacturer websites, and tells you when the manufacturer’s utilities will notify you.

The manufacturer has released the correct driver for the device. If you still can’t find the driver you’re looking for, there are device manufacturer websites and Microsoft websites to help you update your drivers. Your computer.

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