How to Add And Change Administrator On Windows 10 or 11

How to Add And Change Administrator On Windows 10 or 11, The Windows operating system has robust user management capabilities that allow different users to be assigned different levels of access and control. One of his key user roles is the administrator, which grants him the highest level of privileges and control over the system. Adding and changing administrators in Windows 10 or 11 is a simple but important process to ensure smooth system administration and security. This blog will guide you through adding and changing administrators on your Windows 10 or 11 computer.

There are two types of account

Standard Account: With this standard account, you cannot make changes to your computer like you cannot install any software or can not make small changes to your computer. You can only use the already installed software or you can work on any file. It is like an employee of your computer

Administrator Account: This administrator account is the owner of your computer With this account, you can install or uninstall any software or delete or you can do format in your computer, you can make any changes to your computer.

Add And Change Administrator On Windows

First, add an administrator account, If you already have another administrator account on your system, you do not need to create an additional administrator account.

1. Add an administrator account
Add And Change Administrator On Windows

Press Windows + R. Type netplwiz command and press enter.

Add account

When you open the User Accounts window, all accounts on your system are listed there, Therefore, this system has only one administrator account and cannot be deleted.

To add an account click on Add.


Click on next.

Local account

You can add a local account or use a Microsoft account.


So here type the new administrator name and password and click next.


As you can see, we have added another account.

However, since it is not an administrator account at this time, click Properties.


Then go to the Group Membership tab. Also, you can see that it has been added as a “standard account”, so change it to an “administrator account”, click “Apply“, and then click “OK“.

Two account

Therefore, the newly added account is an administrator account, so the system has two administrator accounts.

2. Change Administrator account
sign out

Then make the new admin account the default admin account, sign out of the currently logged-in account and sign in to the newly created administrator account.

newly created

After signing out, you have selected a second or newly created administrator account.

Then sign in to it.


You may see this first sign-in animation if you have a newly created admin account.

You will not see this if you are signed in to an existing/old administrator account.

And after logging in …

Add And Change Administrator On Windows

Run the ‘netplwiz‘ command to open the user account app.


Now you can see that there are two admin accounts. Access the currently logged-in administrator account. The Remove option is grayed out.

However, if you have an older administrator account, you can delete it by clicking the Remove button.

Then make the new admin account the default admin account.

Managing user accounts and assigning administrator privileges is important for effective system administration and security in Windows 10 or 11. You can easily add new administrators or change the account type of existing users by following the steps outlined in this blog. Be careful when changing user rights to keep your computer running smoothly.

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