How to Backup iPhone to Computer With or Without iTunes [2022]

Backup iPhone to Computer With or Without iTunes. If you want to back up all your iPhone data such as photos, music, contacts, etc. What do you do, you may probably choose to back up via iCloud, it’s easy and you can back up whenever you want. But what if you don’t have enough iCloud storage?

But everyone knows that 5 gigabytes free for iCloud is always not enough for an iPhone backup. Especially when people use bigger storage iPhone, like 256 GB but nearly 10 dollars per month price for enough iCloud storage is quite expensive for some people. That leads to backup failure. So today, I would like to introduce backup using iCloud and two free methods for backup on PC or Mac.

Three ways to Backup iPhone to Computer With or Without iTunes

Method 1. Back up using iTunes

Method 2. Back up using iCareFone

Method 3. Back up using iCloud

Method 1. Back up using iTunes

Step. 1

Connect to computer

Connect your iPhone to your computer for backup.

Step. 2


And launch the latest version of iTunes.

Step. 3

Backup now

Go to the device management page and click Backup Now. iTunes will start backing up your iPhone.

Step. 4

Stored location

By default, the data is stored in this location on your computer. Therefore, make sure you have enough storage on the C drive.

Step. 5

Backup informatoin

Once the backup is complete, you will be able to see the latest backup information and choose to restore the backup if needed. However, if you don’t have enough free space on your C drive, you will need to change your iTunes backup location. Therefore.

The second method uses the iCareFone that can be backed up.

Method 2. Back up using iCareFone

Step. 1


Free your iPhone data anywhere. You can also back up over 100 gigabytes of data in just 20 minutes. Download and launch the software from this link.

Step. 2

Backup & Restore

After connecting to your iPhone, click Backup and Restore. You can choose to back up all your data or just select the parts you need. Here, select all data.

Step. 3

Set location

The backup can be set to any location. Then click Backup. iCareFone will start backing up your iPhone.

Step. 4

Restore to device

If you want to restore, click Restore to Device.

Step. 5


And follow the steps in the pop-up window.

Step. 6

Turn off contacts and safari options

Go to Settings & iCloud, turn off contacts and safari options, and choose to Keep on iPhone.

Final step

Try again

Then try again. Restoration will start.

Method 4. Back up using iCloud

Step. 1


Start by backing up to iCloud. Make sure you’ve enabled the iCloud backup option, go to Settings, and tap Profile.

Step. 2

iCloud back up

Go to iCloud and scroll down to find your iCloud backup.

Step. 3

iCloud button

Here you can see that the iCloud backup button is turned on. Normally, when you turn on this button, every time your iPhone is connected to power, locked, and WiFi is turned on. The backup will start automatically.

Step. 4


You can also tap Backup Now and your iPhone will start backing up to iCloud right away. If the backup completes successfully, you will know that the backup time is right now. Make sure you have a complete backup in case you need to restore from iCloud next time.

But as we all know, using 5GB of iCloud for free isn’t always enough to back up your iPhone. Especially if you’re using an iPhone with larger storage like 256 GB, but you have enough iCloud storage per month for nearly $ 10, it’s pretty expensive for some people.

Therefore, the above are two free ways to backup iPhone data to the computer. You can try any of them.

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