How to Delete Cache and Cookies Data From Android Phone in [2022]

Delete Cache and Cookies Data From Android Phone in [2022], First of all, I need to explain why you need to do this. Websites and other applications may have made changes to their designs and features. For example, web browsers such as Chrome retain the old look designed in the settings. If you make some changes that don’t show up in real-time, you’ll need to clear cookies and cache memory from your Android phone to do this.

The frequency with which you clear the cached & cookies data depends on your website browsing and the amount of data rattle.

For businesses that consume large amounts of data, this task should be completed daily, but on most personal mobile phones and family computers, clearing cached data should be a monthly task. If you’re wondering why your phone is slowly slowing down, it’s possible that the cached data is the cause.


What is Cache and Cookies Data

If you are using the internet or apps on your mobile phone, you are sure to experience the cached & Cookies data, whether you know it or not the cached data is basically information such as photos, files, videos stored on your laptop, phone, or computer, and loads faster the next time you request to perform the same task. The device needs enough memory to store the data before the next visit.

Pros and cons to the Cached and Cookies data.

It helps speed up page loading and task execution but can be a double-edged sword. This is because if the device contains too much-cached data, it will gradually run out of storage and affect the load time of the device.

This means that while some of the cached data is effective, it can often disrupt the process. For this reason, it is advisable to occasionally clear the cached & cookies data on the device to avoid this accumulation. There are no major drawbacks to deleting cached data, but the next time you visit a particular website, you will have to re-enter the username and password for that particular website.

Delete Cache and Cookies Data From Android Phone

So, first, there are some simple steps you can get into your app, or you can go directly to chrome.

Step. 1

Google Chrome

Let’s go to the app Choose google chrome.

Step. 2


Go upright corner to settings.

Step. 3


Then you need to search in the menu of the privacy section.

Step. 4

Clear browsing data

Go here to privacy and scroll down Clear Browsing Data.

Step. 5

Time range

So here is the time range and you will see deleting cookies for the last 7 days You can choose the last 24 hours 24 hours remaining weeks.

Step. 6

Clear data

You can clear from here browsing history, cookies & cached, so select the items you want to clear & tap clear data.

Step. 7


There is a menu where you can choose from history cookies.

Step. 8


Some sites don’t want to clear these projects, but if you want to remove them all, you can check the box and press clear and wait for a second or more then your cache & cookies will be deleted from your phone.

If you do not want to do it manually click here to try the cache cleaner app to clear cache or cookies.

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