How to Erase & Factory Reset A Mac & Reinstall macOS [2022]

You can Erase & Factory Reset A Mac & Reinstall macOS. Factory reset your Mac computer which will include erasing all data and reinstalling Mac OS with some simple steps. This works for any Mac Including Macbook, Macbook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, & Mac Mini.

Reason for Erase & Factory Reset A Mac & Reinstall macOS

Some examples as to situations where you would want to do this number one if you are selling or giving your Mac away you would want to do this also if you need to change the administrator name on the computer there are other ways to do that but I don’t recommend them because they can cause future errors and problems this is the correct way to change the name of the administrator.

And a third situation where you would want to do this is if you are having a software problem and you’ve confirmed that it’s a software issue such as an error message or maybe you’ve got a bad infection a bad virus or a piece of malware you’ve gone through all the troubleshooting and cannot resolve it this will solve software issues, no just to be completely clear this is going to erase everything.

Important thing to do before Erase & Factory Reset A Mac & Reinstall macOS

Make sure you back up all of your important data before you proceed to these steps that include your documents your photos your passwords just everything that’s important that you don’t want to lose make sure you back those up. You can use iCloud Google drive Dropbox or if you want to back up on Backblaze click here but isn’t an unlimited backup and it’s automated so it scans your computer and backs up all your files for you can also just get a flash drive or external hard drive. I think these are the easiest fastest way to get everything backed up. so let’s start.

Let’s start to Erase & Factory Reset A Mac & Reinstall macOS


System preferences

We need to first sign out of a few things before to Erase & Factory Reset A Mac & Reinstall macOS, so go up to the top left corner click on the Apple icon go down to system preferences.

Step. 2

iCloud in system prefrences

Look for where it says iCloud and open it.

Step. 3

Find my Mac

Here I do recommend that you at least uncheck the find my mac option and then you’ll also want to click on sign out now.

Step. 4

Enter iCloud password

If you get a menu asking for your iCloud password go ahead and type it.

Step. 5

If you have saved any data on this computer from iCloud you do you’ll see the menu “Do you want to keep a copy of iCloud data on this Mac before signing out?

Step. 6

Backup on mac

If you clear all the checkboxes and then click Keep Copy, you will see some pop-ups. You will be asked if you want to delete it.

Step. 7

Next, you need to sign out of iMessage. click on massages down here at the bottom and then the first thing we want to do is come up here to messages in the top left corner and go down to preferences.

Step. 8

iMessage preferences

From here, make sure the iMessage tab is selected and uncheck enable this account checkbox. When you’re done, go ahead and click sign out.

Step. 9

iTunes setup

The last thing we need to sign out of is iTunes so just go ahead and open up iTunes.

Step. 10

Account setup

Then we’re going to come up here to the top and click on accounts and then from here we’re going to go over to authorize and Deauthorize this computer.

Step. 11

Apple ID and Password

It will ask for your password it will ask for the password associated with your apple id just go ahead and type it in and then click on the deauthorize and then click on ok.

Step. 12

sign out from mac

Return to your account click sign out. At this point, shut down your Mac computer.

Step. 13

Combination Keys

This part is very important. What we’re about to do is restart your computer, but you need to decide combination key before it. Are you keeping the Mac or selling it. You can see the combination keys in the image.

Step. 14

macOS utilities

Before proceeding, turn off your computer again, hold down one of the two key combinations, turn on your computer, and hold down that key combination until you see this menu.

Please note that the menu may be displayed before. Proceed to this computer asking if the dose pops up and select a language to go to this menu. At this point, select Disk Utility, click Continue.

Step. 15

macOS Base System

Select MacTosh HD in the left column.

Step. 16

Factory reset setup

Then select Erase, then The format is APFS. If you don’t have APFS, Use Mac OS extended journaled. Then click Erase, then click Finish.

Step. 17

Go back to main menu

At this point, click the small red dot to return

Step. 18

Reinstall macOS

Select Reinstall Mac OS, and click Continue.

Step. 19

Set up of installation

Then you need to click Continue again.

Step. 20

macOS Mojave installation

Click I Agree, then click I Agree again.

Step. 21

macOS installation

Select Macintosh HD, and install when this menu appears.

Step. 22

Select your country

If you are selling or getting rid mac you’re done you can shut down your mac at this point. If you are keeping the mac computer. You run this process to change the administrator name, continue the setup process.

Step. 23

Create a computer account

Here is a menu you can enter. Once you’re on your desktop, make sure you know the correct name to use.

Final Step

Mac desktop

Click the Apple icon in the upper left corner to go about this Mac and click Software Update to check your operating system. Up to date at this point.

You can go ahead and restore your backed-up files with any solution you decide to go.

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