How To Change User Folder Name in Windows 10

How to Change User Folder Name in Windows 10. In Windows 10, each user account is associated with a user folder named after the account owner. However, you may want to rename your user folders to better reflect your preferences or organizational goals. Windows does not have a direct option to rename user folders, but there are workarounds available. This blog post will guide you through the steps to rename your user folder in Windows 10.

Renaming your user folder in Windows 10 may seem daunting at first, but by following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can change it to your liking. Always be careful when making changes to system files or the registry and remember to create backups and restore points before proceeding. By following the steps carefully, you can achieve customized and organized user folder names in Windows 10.

Let’s start to Change User Folder Name in Windows 10

Change the User Folder Name in Windows 10

As you can see in this PC user name is Windows 10. So I will be going to guide you to how to change it.

Before proceeding create a system restore point so that if anything goes wrong you can then undo your changes at any time.


So go to search and type sysdm.cpl to get started.

System Protection

System properties window will open and go to System Protection. Then click on configure a system restore point.

system protection

Click on Turn on system protection and click apply & ok.

Create a system restore point

Create a system restore point. Click on Creat.


Give it any name you like and create a restore point. This will help you to restore Windows 10 if something goes wrong in the future.


Now you need to find the SID value For user folders. Go to search, type cmd and run as administrator.


In CMD you need to run this command wmic useraccount list full. Press Enter on your keyboard to see your user account details.


You need to find the username and the SID value.


If you find your username and SID. Write down the username and the SID value for that user account, or you can highlight the SID value and press Enter to copy.

Or right-click at the top of this bar and go to Edit cmd and copy.

Creat Temporary User account

You need to create a temporary user account without creating a temporary user account you can’t change user folder name in Windows 10.

control panel

Go to the start icon, search the control panel and then go to the User Accounts.

Make changes to my account in PC settings

Click on Make changes to my account in PC settings.

family & other user's

Click on family & other user’s and Add someone else to this PC.

 I don't have this person's sign-in information.

You need to create a local account, not Microsoft. click on I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.

Add a user without a Microsoft account

Click on Add a user without a Microsoft account.

User name

Give the user a name and leave the password empty.

New user

A new user account will be created. You need to assign this new user as administrator.

new user account

Go to the new user account.

changes the account type

and click on changes the account type.


Select an administrator and click Change Account Type. This will give the new user account administrator privileges.

Sign out

Close everything and sign out from the current user.

temporary account

Now you need to sign in with your new temporary account setting up a new user account may take some time.

File Explorer

After logging in to your new user account, open File Explorer on this PC and go to drive C, Then you can see that the user and user folder name is Windows 10.

Now let’s change and start.

as an administrator

Search for CMD and run it as an administrator. Click the Yes option that appears on this screen.

cd c:\users

Now you need to navigate the users folder type cd c:\users and press Enter.


Once inside the users folder of cmd, you need to type ren and space then type the old folder and space then type the new folder name which you want to name it.

Then press Enter on your keyboard to rename the old folder name to the new folder name.


Now exit cmd.

Users folder

And open the C drive and users folder. I changed the name of the user folder that was Windows 10 and now it’s Techinjar.

The next step is to point the username to the correct user folder. Techinjar was pointing to a Windows 10 folder but renamed the folder to Techinjar

Therefore, the username Techinjar will now point to the Techinjar folder. You can achieve this using a temporary user account.

Registry Editor

Go to start icon and search for Registry Editor, run as administrator.

 registry path

You need to navigate this registry path. Go to h key local machine, software, then Microsoft.

Now that it is here, you need to find Windows NT, extract Windows NT, and then extract the current folder.

Now you need to find a registry key named profile list find. Next, you need to expand the profile List registry keys. You may need to expand this bar so that you can clearly see all registry keys.


Recall that in the profile list, you wrote down the SID value of the target user name.

Therefore, we need to match that sid value here. In my case, this was the s id value, so I’ll highlight it.

This should highlight the registry key that matches the sid value of the target username, Then go to the right pan and find the registry key ProfileImagePath and double click on it.


And now you need to delete the old folder name and replace it with the new folder name.

New folder

In my case Techinjar is the new user folder name.

When you’re done, close Registry Editor and restart Windows 10.

Log in

Now log in to the actual user account instead of the temporary user account.

C drive

Once inside, open File Explorer on this PC, C drive, and user folder.

The old folder name has been changed to Techinjar. You can now delete the temporary user account

Manage another account

Go to Control Panel, click User Account and select Manage another account.

delete it

Select the temporary user account and delete it.


So you can delete the file as we didn’t create any file in the temporary account.

This is a way to change the user folder name in Windows 10.

You can see that the user name matches the user folder name.

If something goes wrong, you can always use System Restore to undo your changes.

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