How To Check RAM Memory in Windows 10

How to check RAM memory in Windows 10. You can check by three easy ways to check Windows PC or laptop RAM and system specification


How To Check RAM Memory in Windows 10

RAM is used for immediate data storage and retrieval, such as tasks that require fast access to computing resources.
Another use of RAM is to allow the computer to load previously accessed information more quickly. When you turn on your computer for the first time and launch an application like VLC, Microsoft excel, or Microsoft team, it takes a long time to load. However, if you close the program and restart it, the software will open almost instantly (especially if your computer’s performance is optimized). This is because the data required to load an application is stored in RAM much faster than it is on the hard disk.

In other words, RAM is used for any task that requires fast access to computing resources. A Windows feature called SuperFetch helps make this access even faster and smoother by recording your usage patterns and automatically preloading apps and files into RAM based on your behavior.

First option


Go to your This PC icon and then right-click on it and then click on the properties.

Installed RAM

Now here you can see all information about your PC is showing how much RAM installed in your PC.


If you don’t find PC icon then right-click onscreen and then go to personalize.

Desktop icon settings

Click on themes then click on Desktop icon settings.

This PC

Here you can see the computer icon just tick mark on it and Save Changes.

Second option


Now go to the Windows icon and then right-click on it and then go to the system and click on it.


Here you will find your laptop Ram detail.

Control Panel

Type control panel in the search bar and click on the control panel.


Click on system and security.

System and Security

Then click on system.

RAM detail

Here you can find your laptop Ram detail.

How much memory do you need?

The more RAM your computer has, the faster it will run. If your device is older, you may need to upgrade your RAM or other hardware. All open applications (including browser tabs) consume RAM. When you run out of RAM, your computer has to move things around to free up hard drive space, slowing down your computer.

The amount of RAM you need depends on the apps and programs you use, how many you have open at the same time, and how impatient you are. You always want your device to respond to your commands immediately, so if you notice slow performance, check your computer’s RAM and other specs to make sure you’re not overtaxing your computer. please give me

Note that RAM is different from storage. When you turn off the computer, information in RAM is lost, but data stored in long-term storage (SSD or HDD) is saved.

How Much RAM do you need?

4 GB


  • Normal web browsing Basic app use
  • Great for student
8 GB

8 GB

  • Heavy multitasking
  • Light Gaming
  • Minimum for work PCs
16 GB

16 GB

  • Normal Gaming
  • Light video editing
  • Minimum for most
  • Programmers
32 GB

32 GB

  • Harcore Gaming
  • Heavy video editing
  • Professional 3D design & programming

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