How To Check Which Graphics Card You Have

How To Check Which Graphics Card You Have. You can conveniently check your computer’s graphics card in system settings with two easy methods for checking your graphic card you don’t have to open your PC or Laptop.

A graphics card (also known as a video card, display card, graphics adapter, VGA/VGA card, video adapter, display adapter, colloquially a GPU) is a computer expansion card that provides a stream of graphics output. Generate for display devices, etc.

About the graphics card

Graphic card

A graphics card is an electronic chip that does everything from displaying images on your computer monitor to rendering complex graphics when playing games or editing videos.

These usually fit into expansion slots on the motherboard and add graphics capabilities. This is useful for gamers, graphic designers, video editors or anyone who likes to stream their 4K content perfectly clear without stuttering or lag. .

Some laptops have graphics on the processor itself, called “integrated graphics”, but laptops with dedicated graphics cards (also known as display adapters, video cards or GPUs) There are also dedicated GPUs are in generally faster because they have separate GPUs with their own memory reserves.

There are two types of graphics cards: integrated and discrete. The integrated graphics cards that Intel uses in their computers are usually tied to the motherboard and share RAM (random access memory) with the CPU, thus reducing the total amount of available RAM.

How To Check Which Graphics Card You Have

It’s easy to forget the graphics card that came with your laptop. Luckily, you can find it without even opening your car. You can use this method to quickly check your graphics card in Windows 10 and earlier versions.

Method 1. Use Display Settings to see your graphic card

 display settings

So right-click on your screen and then click on where it says display settings.

Scroll down and then click on where it says advanced display settings.

display adapter properties

Go down again and click on where it says display adapter properties.

 adapter type

So under where it says adapter type under the adapter tab you should see your graphics card.

So as you can in the image graphics card is the Intel HD graphics for the 600 and that is an Intel integrated graphics card so if you have something like ATI Radeon or Nvidia GeForce you should see it here.

Method 2. Use Device Manager to check your graphic card

device manager

Now a second way you can check it’s even easier the right-clicking on the windows icon and then click where it says, device manager.

display adapters

now expand where it says display adapters by clicking on it.

Intel HD Graphics 4600

Once you click on display adapters you should see your graphics card as you can see here again my graphics card is the Intel HD Graphics 4600 and my integrated graphics card.

If you have something like ATI Radeon or Nvidia GeForce you should see it here.

So this is How To Check Which Graphics Card You Have.

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