How to Create a Portable USB For Window 10 for free

How to Create a Portable USB For Window 10.

How to Create a Portable USB For Window 10. It is very easy to create a portable USB for windows 10 and easy to install on any laptop or PC at any time. You can create portable windows 10 USB or hard drive any time or anywhere with some simple steps you don’t have to be an expert in window installation.

If you face any issue or any unfixable error in your windows and want to reinstall window 10 you can do it by yourself and you will not lose data. We will install the full Windows copy feature on a USB drive or external hard drive, and you will be able to put this portable USB or external hard drive on any computer or laptop to install windows 10. Learn how to create a portable Windows USB or hard drive for Windows 10.

Devices you can use to create a portable USB for window 10

Before we get started, I would like to confirm some important things. First, you need a pen drive or an external HHD, and the size must be 16 GB. We recommend using an external hard drive because the hard drive is fast to read and write speed. If you are using a slow USB drive, it may take a long time to boot the window. Also, we recommend that you use a 3.0 USB drive rather than a 2.0 USB drive. If you have 2.0 it’s also working fine. So let’s start the process for create a portable USB for window 10.

Step 1. Download window 10

Download windows 10 for portable USB

First, download the Windows 10 ISO file from the Microsoft website click on this link. Now click Download Tool, place it on your desktop when you download it.

Then open it and accept the license agreement, Select Create the installation media.

Step 2. Select language

Select language for windows

Select the language if you want to download in another language uncheck the (Use the recommended options for this PC) Select the required language and click Next. Then select Architecture 64-bit, click next.

Step 3

Create installation media

Make sure the ISO file is checked, and then click Next. Select the download path and the window will start downloading the ISO file. The download time depends on internet speed.

Step 4

Download Rufus

Then, access your internet browser, open this link, scroll down to the download option, and download the latest version of Rufus to create a portable USB for Windows 10.

Final syep to create portable USB for window 10

How to Create a Portable USB For Window 10

you don’t need to install it to create a portable USB for Windows 10, just open it and stick your USB to your PC. Click on the device to select the drive to create the portable USB.

So be sure to select the correct drive as it will be reformatted, then select the Windows ISO file you have already downloaded and keep all settings the same as you can see in the image, and click on start then the process will start it will take some time to create a portable USB for Windows 10.

Ready for install

portable windows is ready

When the process will finish you will see an image like this on your PC. Now portable USB for Windows 10 is ready for installation. So just click on close and you can now connect to any computer and boot into Windows from there.

If you want to know how to install windows 10 from a portable USB click here

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