How To Find Windows 10 Product Key

How To Find Windows 10 Product Key. Here are two ways to find your Windows 10 product key or OEM digital license key on your computer without installing any kind of software. If you want to reinstall Windows 10 or want to install it on any other computer you would require the product key and when you’re going to update your computer to Windows 11 you might need the product key with you.

The Windows 10 product key must be on a sticker somewhere on your computer’s hardware. It is usually in a location that is as difficult to access as possible. But it’s not that easy to track your Windows 10 product key.

Why you should have Windows 10 Product Key.

Some examples as to situations where you would want to do this, number one if you are selling or giving your PC or Laptop away you would want to do this also if you need to change the windows on the computer or Laptop. There are other ways to find the window 10 product key but I don’t recommend them because they are third-party apps and can cause future errors and problems this is the correct way to find the window 10 product key.

Where you would want to do this is if you are having a software problem and you’ve confirmed that it’s a software issue such as an error message or maybe you’ve got a bad infection a bad virus or a piece of malware you’ve gone through all the troubleshooting and cannot resolve it this will solve software issues, no just to be completely clear this is going to erase everything and reinstalling windows 10.

Let,s Start to Find Windows 10 Product Key

Method. 1

Command pomprt

Click on the search icon and type cmd and then click run as an administrator.

Command for windows key

Here you need to copy this command (wmic path softwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey) and paste in your command port.

OEM license

You can find out here the product key by pressing Enter, but if you don’t find the product key here that means you have an OEM license, so you have to use the other method.

Method. 2


So for that press window and R key together or simply do a right-click on the Start icon and click on run.


Then type regedit and click ok.

Hkey local machine

Now once the registry editor is opened we need to go to Hkey local machine.


Then we need to go to the Software.


Now in the software look for Microsoft so you need to click on that.

windows NT

You will get the expansion and in Microsoft, we are looking for a Windows NT file.

Current Version

You need to look for the Current Version so you just have to click on that.

Software Protection Platform

So in the current version scroll it down we are looking for a Software Protection Platform so once you open software protection.

Backup Product Key Default

The window will appear like this and here you will have Backup Product Key Default so here you will have your serial key which you can copy and save to somewhere.

So next time, whenever you would like to install a new version of windows or reinstall or upgrade to windows 11 this product key, will be very helpful.


You can also paste this path ( Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform )in the Registry Editor search bar.

This will get you to directly Backup Product Key Default window so here you will have your serial key which you can copy and save somewhere.

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