How To Go Back To Windows 10 from Window 11 [2022]

If you have problems using Windows 11 and want to move to Windows 10, we will show you how to Go Back To Windows 10 from Windows 11 with simple steps.

Reason Why does window 11 not work smoothly on your laptop or PC

To run window 11 on your laptop, you need to make sure your computer is compatible with Windows 11. This window will not work with a lower configuration laptop or PC. By upgrading to Windows 11, most of the programs of window 11 consume more memory of your PC or laptop.

You can check your PC health from this software it will show issues in your laptop so you can get know why window 11 not running smoothly on your laptop. So once you will get to know the issue on your laptop you can solve it and you can run window 11 on your laptop. You don’t have to worry about reinstalling or losing anything.

Things you should need to know before go back to windows 10 from windows 11

If you have problems using Windows 11 and want to Go Back To Windows 10 from Windows 11, there are two important points to get this option. You will get this option only when you have upgraded your windows with the Microsoft method this option and this option only works for the limited grid for example 10 days so after 10 days this option will not work. You won’t lose any data going to Windows 10 by using the method.

Lets’s start to go back to windows 10 from Window 11



First Go to Settings.

Step. 2

Windows Update

Then go to Windows Update.

Step. 3

Advanced Options

Then click on Advanced Options here.

Step. 4


Then clicked Recovery to get the option for a back to window 10 back.

Step. 5

Go back

Then click Go Back.

Step. 6


If you are using a laptop, you should now connect the charger to your laptop or your laptop should have a 90 % battery. Here you need to select the reason you can select any option. I recommend Check it for another reason and then click Next.

Step. 7

Check updates

Click No, thanks here.

Step. 8

Click next

So here it’s saying if you install some apps or create any setting to windows 11 so you need to do it once again so no problem because we will not lose the data so click next.

Final Step

Go back to windows 10

If you have used a password to sign in to Windows 10, make sure you know it because when you return to window 10 it asks for a password before signing in, all you have to do is click Next. Then click Go back to Windows 10.

Before clicking to return to Windows 10, close all running apps from your PC, Then click Back to restart your laptop and start the restore for going Back To Windows 10 from Window 11. Remember by using this method as it is an earlier version. The lost key data may change some settings and can be configured again, but restoring this method will not result in the loss of files or other major software.

Restoring the version of Windows will restart your PC several times, so don’t panic and relax, and don’t disturb your laptop or PC until the home screen disappears. Do not remove the charger. Do not press the button on your laptop. All Windows 10 files and programs, and their Addison settings may not be lost, but the settings may change for windows 11 windows 10, but that’s not a big issue. Thank you very much.

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