How To Install Window 10 From USB [2022]

Install Windows 10 on your PC from USB. If you plan to install a Windows operating system such as Windows 10 follow these steps. This process work on your PC or laptop.

Reason for install Window 10 From USB

When installing a solid-state Current hard drive or upgrade When you drive to a solid-state drive, Windows needs to be reinstalled Or you reinstall the window just to keep this fresh and it is so smooth to install windows 10 from USB. The tutorial is perfect for you.

Requirements needed to start this process

First, if you needed to have a copy of Windows that you can buy it from Amazon. They email you your license and those files on it to send you a USB flash drive If you did it well you can skip the media creation process.

The USB drive file from the media creation tool has a license key and has the license code you want to sign in with your Microsoft account so that you can move your digital license to a new build or upgrade. Or, even if you didn’t change the hardware, the hardware automatically reactivates just because the digital license is associated with many hardware, regardless of whether you’re signed in to your Microsoft account.

Things you need to do install window 10 from USB

First, you need a Windows 10 ISO file that you can download from this link

Find your laptop or PC BIOS key first. The BIOS key on some PCs it is delete or F12 or F10, it is recommended to find the BIOS key first to enter the BIOS menu.

Then, you need a portable window 10 USB, click here to learn how to create a portable USB, if you already have a portable window 10 you can skip this part.

Let’s start To Install Windows 10 From USB.


portable window 10 USB

Connect your Windows 10 portable USB device to your PC and restart it. You have to enter BIOS settings to select the boot device.

When your PC reboots and you see the motherboard logo or brand logo. Press F12 for F10 to enter the bios setting, it is recommended to find the BIOS key first.

Step. 2

The BIOS does not allow you to use the mouse. Instead, use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate the BIOS. You need to find the boot menu first. Select the first boot device as a USB storage device then save and exit by pressing the F10 key.

Step. 3

You will see a screen asking you to press any key to boot from USB or DVD then press any random key on your keyboard and it will launch the installation setup window.

Make sure to connect your laptop to a charger or you have at least 90% battery left on your laptop.

Step. 4

In the windows setup screen, we first need to select the language to install, then select the time and currency format.

Step. 5

Click install now and it will start the installation setup now.

Step. 6

It will ask you to enter the product key to activate windows if you have one use it here or you can do it later in case you don’t have then click on skip.

Then you will see Microsoft’s terms and conditions for using the software, scroll down and select the I accept the license stamp check box. Then click Next.

Step. 7

Select the Custom Installation window only option from here to see the disk partitions. This allows you to create splits and delete specific local disks.

Step. 8

Partition in windows

This Image already had a partition with a 1 TB hard drive and was manually split into two partitions. Select the partition in your PC where you want to install Windows 10 then press next to install.

Step. 9

Partition format

Next, it will format the partition that you have selected. So select your partition carefully for the install window and it will be your C drive.

Step. 10

A few different steps will be taken and the system restarts automatically. Do nothing at this point. It may take some time, so relax slowly.

When the installation of Windows is completed tools will be displayed for about 16 minutes.

Step. 11

Let’s set it for the first time. You will be prompted to enter the product key for your particular edition. You can purchase it online and enter it later. So if you don’t have the product key right you can click on Do this later.

Final Step

After a few steps. You will be prompted to create a username for your PC and you can enter a password. A few minutes after loading the screen and welcoming massage, the Windows desktop will launch. Here’s how to format Windows 10 on your PC and do a clean install.

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