How to Read QR Codes With Your Android Phone Easily

Read QR Codes With Your Android Phone Easily. Here’s a step-by-step guide on reading a QR code using your smartphone, especially Android. Hi everyone, carriers welcome to another technology tip if you want to scan the QR code on your smartphone This tip applies to all phones including the Samsung Galaxy Android phones.

What is QR Code


You get these on the product you purchased a special card or on the internet, or when you receive the photo in a place where you can actually scan these codes and extract the currently stored information. Special patterns actually add information These are usually web links, and instead of having someone write to a very long URL or a specific URL, you can actually have them or give them this QR code. You can actually scan and decrypt the information provided here on your computer or Android device.

So I’ll tell you how to extract this information from your android device. You first need a Qr barcode scanner app. when you receive the QR code. You can pick it up from the play store and make sure you’re connected to the internet.

How do QR & Barcode works

Business card pamphlet newspaper Advertising restaurant menu movie ticket FM CG The code for these black and white boxes Rarely used almost everywhere, often used These small boxes that are ignored are called QR What has the code ever wondered about?

How were this QR or quick the response code is the brand name of the 2D barcode system we all see It’s okay around us, but how are they different? One-dimensional barcode from barcode Does not actually hold information When I scanned, I was told that this was peanuts Butter while this is my favorite treat On the other hand, the QR code is 2D barcode is the maximum1852 characters on about 6 pages Information and more importantly.

When you can read on your smartphone Place the scanner on the QR Coding the top three large squares The corner acts as an alignment target The smallest square in the lower right Corners help to normalize the size, Shot angle information When you buy milk at, it’s in the middle QR code or sale of local booth Our financial information.

You can eliminate the error Transaction business quick scan Cards can take you to their website[music]I think this dust is gambling QR code has been extended for a long time Usefulness and intrusion Customer territory while India has not yet seen Maximize the potential of more and more apps It integrated the scanner function It may be a sign soon You might start seeing these little things Boxes everywhere

Lets start Read QR Codes With Your Android Phone

Step. 1

Play store

You should be able to find this by visiting the Google Play Store or Click here to download QR & Barcode scanner.

Step. 2

QR & barcode

Then search the QR and barcode reader. This is a free version. Go ahead and tap install. Launched and of course, it will collaborate if you have a QR or if you can actually scan it up like this.

Step. 3


you can actually go to the settings and customize the meaning of the up, so once you set it, you can of course instruct it to open the web link automatically. But you don’t have to actually do it. We recommend that you actually run the scan before clicking the link.

Step. 4

Scan Example

For example, here is a brief explanation. I have the core data stored and the specific QR code I have on my smartwatch It’s not actually printed I can print it, but in fact, this is the solution, It will be scanned if it is in the air.


Web Link

You can open it by just clicking on the exact part and it will go straight to the link. Depending on the scanner, setting the setting on the link may solve it and it will take you directly to the web link, so actually open the scan QR code and You will be able to actually use the scanner.

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