How to Record Screen on Window 10 Both Free And Paid

How to Record Screen on Window 10 Both Free And Paid. Screen recording is a useful feature that allows you to capture and share your computer screen activities, whether you are creating tutorials, demonstrating how to use software, or recording gameplay. In this blog, we’ll look at both free and paid methods to record your screen on Windows 10, and offer options based on your specific needs and budget.

Uses of screen recording

Screen captures are a great way to teach your viewers how to use apps and software to record presentations using slides and capture b-rolls on video product pages and websites. Fact screen captures are one of the easiest ways to create b-rolls or overlay footage. So if you’re not using them, you definitely need to.

Options available for window screen recording

There are lots of both free and paid options, so there’s something like obs, snagit, zoom sharex, flashback, bandicams, screencast-o-Matic, cloud app, screen castify, wondershare demo creator, Camtasia so after trying and testing everything here are top options are our candidate list.

How to Record Screen on Window 10 Both Free And Paid

Let’s start

Option.1 Xbox Game Bar

Xbox gambar

So the first option is already built into your computer and is called the Xbox game bar but you don’t need to have an Xbox or something. Since this is a simple free embedded screen recording software. If you don’t have it on your PC click here to download it.

It is designed as follows: It’s a game, but it works to record anything on your computer screen, which allows you to record audio from your computer and your computer’s microphone.

Start bar

To open it, go to the start bar and start typing in the game bar. You can see that there is an Xbox game bar.


You will see a small popup that appears at the top. It will appear above the running program or app.

audio settings

If you press this button here, you can make audio settings and so on. If you check by voice, you can select a microphone, where you can make all volume and adjustments.


Then you can control the capture here, so if you just want to take a screenshot of the still image.

video recording or start recording

Then start the main video recording or start recording. The last button mutes or unmutes the microphone. A really simple solution for screen recording on Windows. This is the Xbox game bar, the software already included with your Windows computer.

Option. 2 OBS studio

OBS or Open Broadcaster software

The next option you have right now is OBS or Open Broadcaster software. which is really popular live streaming and screen recording software on both PC and Mac, and probably the biggest reason it’s so popular is huge because of the amount of setting and control.

It’s completely free. Click here to download.

Display Capture

Therefore, to share your screen, go to this source panel, click the small plus button, then select Display Capture to record the entire computer screen, or select Window Capture to select a specific application or window. Share.


Then you can choose which application or which window to use.

Google Chrome

So can see in the image the Google Chrome window with YouTube open. There is no problem selecting this.

 resize and reposition

Then you can come here and resize and reposition it to customize it for the area you actually want to record.

webcam recording

You have the webcam recording feature here as well. With OBS, you can also set multiple scenes.

Option. 3 Wondershare Video Creator

Wondershare Video Creator

The next option is Wondershare Video Creator. This is another option available on both Mac and PC. This allows you to record your computer screen and webcam and audio sources all on separate tracks and actually edit them. Click here to download it.

new recording

This is what you see when you open the app. Just to go to a new recording and once this is loaded.


Access this little settings button here to configure everything.

screen recording

So, when you click on Settings, you can customize the actual screen recording here, whether it’s full screen, whether it’s recording the computer screen, custom size, specific application, game, etc.


You can also select all frame rates from 15 frames per second to 120 frames per second. If you want to record the game, you can specify it here.


Then, under Audio here, you can choose whether to capture the audio or not. You need to specify the microphone.

webcam capture

Similarly, yes or no for webcam capture, you can get the webcam or video source to capture and further customize it using resolution and frame rate,

So if you choose a webcam here, you’ll see: Access all the different settings that the camera supports.

Advanced Settings

And here you can access under Advanced Settings, If the computer where the video files are stored supports GPU acceleration, there are features such as enabling GPU acceleration to improve performance.


There is a video quality setting under the encoding, so if you want the highest quality screen recording, you can set this too high here.


If you want to speed up your workflow, you can control the shortcuts here. Once you done all your settings then go ahead and press capture.

start recording

Next, you need to start recording. Pressing the big record button will get the countdown timer again from 3. This provides some keyboard shortcuts for starting and stopping and pausing the recording.

Option. 4 Camtasia


The next option is Camtasia. It’s a much more powerful solution that can actually record websites and computer screens at the same time, it’s very easy to record and create a professional video on both Windows and Mac. Click here to download it.

create a new video

So when you open it, you can choose whether to create a new video editing projector.

recording panel

And at the bottom here is the recording panel. Therefore, you can again choose whether to record your computer screen at screen resolution. Choose whether to record full screen in various formats with low quality or low-quality resolution.


This allows you to turn the webcam on or off here by formatting 4×3 on a widescreen or by coming here and selecting a specific area to record, so when you turn on the webcam you will see a small preview window.


Next, you’ll see a microphone that you can choose to turn on or off. If you press this little drop-down arrow and select an option.

computer sound

So if you want to play video or computer sound, it will be done increase.

start recording

To start recording with a recording, press the big record button here. This will show you a countdown from 3 and start recording.

stop recording

If you want to stop recording, you can go to the Camtasia panel at the bottom of here to stop, pause or delete the recording. At this point, you can discard the recording. If you go ahead and stop this.

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