How To Stop Automatic Updates Downloading & Installing in Windows 10.

How to stop automatic updates. Windows 10 automatic updates are designed to keep your system up to date with the latest features, security patches, and bug fixes. However, there may be times when you want more control over the update process, or temporarily prevent updates from being downloaded and installed. This blog provides steps to stop automatic updates from downloading and installing on your Windows 10 computer.

How to stop automatic updates downloading & installing in windows 10

Disable automatic updates on Professional, Education, and Enterprise editions of Windows 10. This procedure stops all updates until you decide they are no longer a threat to your system. You can manually install patches while automatic updates are disabled.

Permanently disabling automatic updates in Windows 10 can cause security and stability issues, so we recommend that you “pause” them and install them at your convenience. Method is as follows. Make sure you are logged in as a user with administrator privileges for all these steps.

There are two methods applies

The first method applies to Windows Home and Professional.

The second method only applies to Professionals.

First Method


Go down to search and type in control and then click on the control panel.

Larg Icon

In the control panel go up to the upper right where it says view by and change that to large icons.

Administrative Tools

Go ahead and click on Administrative Tools.


Next after that, you’re going to locate services down the list double click on it.

Windows Update

Scroll all the way down to the bottom and locate the Windows Update double click it.


This exit controls the Windows updates so to stop it from doing the automatic updates just simply click stop.

In this way only applies to local sessions, but If you want to disable permanently automatic updates.

startup type

Go up to startup type and select disable and then just click ok.


You can see down here now where it says it’s disabled and this will apply immediately after you do it.


If you ever want to re-enable the automatic updates you’re gonna have to come right back to this area and then double-click on Windows Update.

Change the startup type to Automatic delayed start click apply and then click start to start it back up.

This setting applies to Windows Home and one does professional

Second Method

The second approach will only apply to Windows Professional the second approach is by utilizing the group policies.

Windows key

Press the Windows key and R together once the run command opens type in MMC then press Enter or click OK.


Click yes at the UAC.

 add or remove snap

Click on the file on the upper left and then click on add or remove snap.

group policy object

Next, you’re gonna scroll down the list on the left and double-click on the group policy object.


Then click finish for the local computer and then click OK

local computer policy

Go to local computer policy then expand computer configuration then expand administrative templates and then finally expand Windows components.

Then scroll down on the left and double-click on Windows Update.

configure automatic updates

Next over on the right locate configure automatic updates and double-click it.

under configure automatic

Click on Enable here then right down here under configure automatic updating we have some options select download and schedule install then click OK.

It will prompt you to download and also prompt you to install the updates thereby hopefully by passing.

You can see where it says it’s enabled.

You’re gonna have to go ahead and restart your system for this setting to take effect it will not take effect until you restart your system.

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