How to Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone [2022]

Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone. There are 4 easy ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone, with a computer, or without a computer.

4 ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Method 1 – Transfer Contacts Using Google Account

Method 2 – Transfer Contacts via vCard / VCF File

Method 3 – Transfer Contacts Using SIM Card

Method 4 – Transfer Contacts Using Move to iOS

Method 1 – Transfer Contacts Using Google Account

iPhone settings

Go to setting on your android. Tap Accounts

Backup and restore

If you didn’t sign in to your google account before, please make sure to sign in. Then tap accounts.

Google id

Then tap on your google id.

google account

Then tap sync account.

Sync account

Here you can see that data type that would be synced through google. And make sure the contacts button is turned on That will enable your contacts to be synced to google cloud.


Then turn to iPhone.

iPhone setting

We need to add your google account to your iPhone Tap settings and go to mail.

Add account

Then tap accounts and add accounts.

Gmail account

Here we choose google to add your account.

Signing to gmail

After signing in, you will see a popup window, make sure the contacts button is on, then tap Save to continue.

Add google account

Now your google account has been added to your iPhone.  The contacts that we saved to google cloud should be also synced to your iPhone.

iPhone contacts

Then check it out, It has been transferred successfully, totally the same as your android. 

Method 2 – Transfer Contacts via vCard / VCF File

Contact lists

Go to the Contacts app on your android then tap the three-bars button on the upper left corner.

Manage contacts

Then choose to manage contacts.

import or export contacts

We need to save your contacts as a file, so tap import or export contacts, and tap export.


Click on the internal storage which is where your contacts will save and tap export.

internal storage

Select internal storage and tap export, after tapping allow button.

Contacts export

All your contacts will be saved to your android phone internal storage in a second.

Device icon

Now let’s connect it with a computer. On your computer, select the devices icon you just connected.

vCalender file

And here you can see the contacts file we just saved. Drag to save it to your computer.


Then next, connect your iPhone to the computer. Here we will use a third-party tool called iCareFone.To download iCareFone click here.

Connect iPhone

Once downloaded, launch it. It will recognize your iPhone.

Manage contacts

Then click Manage and click contacts.


Then you just follow the steps on your iPhone. Go to settings and tap iCloud.

Toggle off

Toggle off contacts option under iCloud.

retry iCarefone

Once done, click retry on iCareFone.

Import Vcard file

Then click import, select the Vcard file you just saved on your computer.

Contacts transferd

And you’ll see all the contacts will be transferred to your iPhone.      

Method 3 – Transfer Contacts Using SIM Card

If you don’t have a computer around, maybe you can consider trying this method. But you need to move your sim card from one to another. So now on my android, I have already insert a sim card in it.

Contacts app

This time we also launch the contacts App, tap on the three bars.

Manage contacts in android

Tap on manage contacts.

export contact from android

And tap on import or export contacts, export.

sim 2

Now you can see which is a little different than before. Here we choose sim 2 to export the contacts.

Select all contacts

And select all contacts, tap done.


And tap on export, then tap on ok. Just for the exporting process to be complete, if you have lots of contacts, it may take a while.

Exported to sim

Now we can see contacts have been exported to the sim card.

Remove sim card

Let’s get the sim card out and move it to your iPhone.

Insert sim

Once the sim card is inserted into your iPhone, here we can see there’s nothing in the contacts app.

Setting and contact

First, go to settings and contacts.

import sim

And we can see the option in blue words, import sim contacts. Tap it. Just in seconds, the transfer will be done.


Let’s check out the contacts. Well done, all the contacts have been imported to your iPhone.

Method 4 – Transfer Contacts Using Move to iOS

Move to iOS

You need to download move to iOS on your android, and also factory reset your iPhone.

Apps & data

Then you can set up your iPhone by the option called mobile data from android. As you can select the content type you want to transfer, including, your contacts.

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