How To Remove Password From Windows 10

How To Remove Password From Windows 10, Windows 10 gives users the option to set passwords to protect their accounts. Passwords are essential to maintaining your computer’s privacy and security, but there are times when you may want to remove the password requirement. Removing passwords saves time when logging in and simplifies the user experience, especially on personal devices. In this blog, we will consider different ways to remove passwords from Windows 10 systems. let’s start.

Remove Password From Windows 10

So let’s start it, Let’s first see how we can do that.

Remove Password From Windows 10

All after clicking this window icon Click the settings icon here. Opens the settings window.


Here you need to click the Account button.


In the left section, you need to select a Sign-in option. The sign-in option will allow you show this password section here.

Just click the change button to change your account password.

Current password

Then enter your current password you need to Enter it here and click Next.


You can see this kind of window. Now You can give a new password here or you can leave both of these password fields empty.

So when you leave both these passwords feel empty then you don’t need to provide any password at the time of login.

in the password hint, you can provide any hint for example no password here. Then click next.


Click Finish and when this is done. Then close this setting.


Let’s check the window and whether it works Or not, just click his windows icon, and click on the power Reboot the machine and Reboot and see if you can log in without a password.

System start

So now Windows 10 operating system Start and after this window is displayed If you click the sign-in button here It will not ask for a password, and You can logged in directly to this Windows 10 operating system.

The second way to remove the password or Disable passwords in Windows 10

There is more way to remove the password or Disable passwords in Windows 10.

Computer Management

Just right-click on the windows icon, then click the Computer Management.

local users and groups

And once this computer management window is open. Go to under the tools of the system and Find your own local users and groups You need to expand this section. Then click on the Users section here.

user section

Because it’s the user section here you will be able to see All users related to you Because it’s a Windows 10 operating system.

The username is Techinjar here, So Change the password for this user In this case, this will be your username whatever username you have.

set password

You just have to click Right-click on its User name and click on set password to remove the password.


Then click on proceed.

password section

Then you will be able to look for this new window because it’s a password section. Leave this new password field as it is Make sure the password field is blank. Just click OK.

Allows you to log in without the password is ok, so you just have to leave these fields blank This is the second way to remove or disable Windows 10 password in the operation system.

So I hope this helps you to remove the password from windows 10.

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