How to Transfer Files From Old PC to New PC in Windows 10

How to transfer files from old PC to new PC Windows 10. When upgrading to a new PC, transferring files from your old computer can seem daunting. However, Windows 10 streamlines the process and makes it easier. In this blog post, we’ll show you different ways to transfer files from your old PC to your new PC to ensure a smooth transition and protect your valuable data.

You can also connect two PC with a wifi network and without a network. A computer file can share without the use of a switch or router. You can connect them with the help of a LAN or ethernet cable.

Let’s start to Transfer Files From Old PC to New PC Windows 10

Then use both

Computer acting as default gateway

each other

Let’s start to Transfer Files From Old PC to New PC Windows 10

The first method shares files using Wifi.

Transfer Files From Old PC to New PC Windows 10

If I have two computers and 1st computer is my old computer with Windows 7 is installed.

Second PC

This is my second new computer with Windows 10 installed.

Whatever your operating system on the computer Windows 7 Windows 8 and Windows 10 process for transferring files on the computer is the same.

same network

Your laptop or computer must be connected to the same network for transferring data files.

control panel

Now go to your old computer and go to your computer’s control panel.

Internet and Share

Then click Internet and Share.

Change advanced sharing setting

Then click the Change advanced sharing setting.

Network Discovery

Make the same setting on your PC as in the image.

save the changes

Make the same setting on your PC as in the image. and click on save the changes.


Then create a folder.

specific people

Then Right-click on the folder, then clicks on specific people.


Select everyone from here and click on Add.


Then change the permissions level, select Read/write, then click on share options.


Then here click on done.


Go to the properties of this folder.

network path

Go to sharing and select the network path of this folder and copy that.


Then send this folder path to your second computer via email.

Shared forlder

Copy some data in shared folder that you want on your new computer.

Now you can control the data inside this folder from the second computer.


Then go to the second computer, and now open your email. Select now and copy the network path.


Then go to the search bar and type Run and paste the network path then hit enter.

access your old computer

Now you can access your old computer shared folder on your new computer. You can use the files in your account as you want.

In this way, you can transfer files from one file To another computer without software.

The second method share files using a LAN cable

share files using a LAN cable

So first we need to connect one end of the cable to the first computer and the other end of the cable to the second, we are going to use both two computers to work as a default gateway to each other.

control panel

Now, you need to enable some network Settings for both computers.

So follow my steps to open the control panel.

Network Sharing Center

Click Network Sharing Center.

Change advanced sharing settings

Click on Change advanced sharing settings.

network discovery

Now enable network discovery. Make the same setting on your PC as in the image.

Make the same setting on your PC as in the image.

Guest or Public

Change settings in Guest or Public. Make the same setting on your PC as in the image.

Make the same setting on your PC as in the image. In sharing on All networks. Click Save Changes.

Then do the same settings on your second computer.


Now we need to set static IP addresses to both computers. Go to your first computer Here in network and sharing you should see ethernet as your active connection.

Click on it to go to Ethernet properties.

Internet protocol version 4

Click on Internet protocol version 4.


Then assign the following IP address to the first computer.

IP addresses

Do the same on the second computer procedure. Then enter these IP addresses same as the image.

default gateway

Here, the first computer is created as follows. Second default gateway computer.

A second computer acts as the Default gateway to the first computer.

Your computer is now ready for a file share.

file explorer

Now you just need to create and share the folder on your first computer.

Go to file explorer Right-click on the folder and select Specific people.

Select everyone

You need to give some permission Select everyone.

Read and write

Select Read and write then click on share.

Enter IP addresss

Then go to the second computer to transfer files. Open file explorer Enter your first PC and enter this IP address \\\ then the name of the shared folder. On my PC it is Share so I will enter Share.

Once you have access, you can transfer files between two computers.

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