Why MY Mac is Slow And How to Fix a Slow Mac [2022]

Why My Mac is Slow And How to Fix a Slow Mac. If your Mac is slow and performing poorly, you’re not alone. Over time, Mac computers can slow down due to various factors such as accumulated clutter, outdated software, and inadequate hardware resources. However, there are a few steps you can take to diagnose and fix a slow Mac. This blog explores common reasons why your Mac slows down and offers effective solutions to restore speed and performance.

Things to do before starting the procedure

  1. Restart your Mac. You will see the Apple logo up here and press Restart to restart your computer here. The very first step.
Hard disk

2. The second step is to remove some things. Uninstall some applications and perform a Time Machine backup. If you haven’t done it before using your Mac and want to duplicate everything on your hard drive, run a Time Machine backup.

External hard drives aren’t part of the computer and it’s very unlikely that it will happen If something goes wrong, it’s here, so this basically duplicates your computer exactly to an external hard drive.

Let’s start the procedure for Why My Mac is Slow And How to Fix a Slow Mac

1. Activity Monitor

The first thing you need to do is that you need to find out what is causing your Mac to slow down.

 activity monitor

So the first step is to go to the search icon and search your activity monitor. The CPU is actually the brain of the computer, and the memory of the computer, also known as RAM.


You can see the CPU percentages used by different applications. For some reason, you will see a significant amount of CPU. you can’t close these apps directly from here. You can see which is causing the most issue here you could go head and close them with a command.


When you press COMMAND + TAB you can see this tab, For example, if you open VLC here,

Quit VLC

The menu bar will appear at the top, where you can access and exit VLC. VLC opens apps this way and closes all CPU-intensive apps.

Memory tab

Then go to the Memory tab and do the same. If you are using a very slow Mac like the 2019 Mac don’t open more than 10 apps.

Then the Memory tab does the same thing that it uses about 1 gig of memory, so you can close obs. Here, for example, if you weren’t using it to record the screen,

2. Remove Login Items

System Preferences

Now go to the Apple logo. Go to System Preferences

users and groups.

Click on users and groups.

login item

When you click on the login item This will show you everything that launches automatically when you log in, so if you don’t need something here, You can select items and press minus sign to remove them, so when you restart the computer next time these items will not run in the background automatically.

3. Clean up disc space

About this Mac

Go to the Apple logo and click on About this Mac. Then move to storage.


Open the storage, you will see the internal hard drive.

HD manager

Here you can see the entire space and how much white space is available, in my case I have a big hard drive of 1 terabyte However, you may have a small hard drive, most of which is filled with documents and applications or other folder.

In your case, the other folders look bigger. I will show you how to delete other folders or resize them basically 90% of this or you need to manage this space on your hard drive which will fill up 85% or more. That is, some things need to be removed. Now press Manage


Here it’s going to show you exactly what’s taking up space.


For example select application it will show the applications running then go ahead and remove what you’re not using and then you could go ahead and delete them.

Be careful what you’re deleting you can’t get these back you could do the same thing with documents mail with music all those will show up here.


Then finally you would come to the trash and empty the trash.

4. System Update

Now a lot of people are scared to do this because they think if they update to a later system that is going to slow down their mac but it actually works the other way because apple does always improve the speed with their system updates.

About this mac

Go over to the apple icon again and click on About this mac.

system updates

Go to the overview tab then click on software updates. we’re going to let this check for updates and if it finds an update we’re gonna go ahead and press update now to get the latest version.

5. Memory Upgrade

About this mac

Then again go to About this mac and click on the memory tab and it’s going to show you how much memory you have installed.


In this image ridiculous amount of memory here is 128 G B. If your Mac has empty slots here, you may have two slots or four and if two of these show up as empty you could actually install more ram.

Look it up on google to see how much ram your computer can handle and if you can max it out on lower-end computers this is a relatively inexpensive upgrade and you could do it yourself especially on older macs before 2020 on the iMac.

6. Fix Internet Issues

Speed test

You could go to this website speedtest.net and just go ahead and do a quick run of your internet speed and see where your speed is.  if yours is running on the low end 20 Mbps or less here on this end may be less than 30 Mbps you know there is something wrong with your internet.

Now if you’re at work there’s not that much that you could do about it but at home, you basically get these things called wi-fi extenders and extend the range of your wi-fi or get a newer modem or router. I do recommend you run an internet speed here to make sure your numbers are where they need to be based on the internet connection that you pay.

7. Clear out your cache and cookies

Go to library

What you want to do is come up to finder make sure your finder window is open and we need to go to the library. if you do not find the finder window on top then press Command + Shift + L.


Then look for folder name Caches and double click on it.

Caches folder

And here there‚Äôs just a bunch of random cache files that are temporary files that may be taking up a lot of space. You could delete all of them but don’t delete this folder because we need a caches folder for the system.

Select all

Press command delete to delete it or you could go up to edit and select all and just move them all to the trash and once it’s in the trash can you could go ahead and right-click or control-click on the trash and empty the trash.


One more folder here you should empty. So go to the library the same way we did before but instead of looking at the caches folder there’s another folder is cookies.

Go ahead and double click this open this up again don’t delete the whole folder just delete everything that’s in here so go ahead and select all again and move everything down to the trash and empty the trash. Now your cookies folder is blank now.


clean my mac x

This app is a lot advanced. This app is called clean my mac x click here to download this app. It is free it will do some things but if you want more functions you have to download paid version because it just saves you a ton of time.

The thing this app does automatically.

Removing temporary files, Freeing up space, Empty the trash, Speed optimization, etc.

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